Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Dream Light box night light

Here are the Sweet Dream light boxes that I made. They are a 8X8 inch glass block, with a 35 white light, white strand of lights inside and covered in 2 inch ribbon.
They have 6 year outdoor strength vinyl on the front.  They make great night lights for newborn with all those mid night checks and feedings.

I'm made them to sale at the WSU Mom's weekend craft Fair and in my Etsy shop.  I'm interested in what colors are everyone favorite and which I should make more of.

Real Red vinyl with white and red damask printed ribbon
Black vinyl with white and black damask printed ribbon 

Pink vinyl with brown and pink damask printed ribbon
Here is a bright blue almost Turquoise in color with a sheer glitter ribbon to match.

This is the pink vinyl with the matching pink sheer glitter ribbon.

I also have a black sheer glittering ribbon with black vinyl to match.
I'll get a picture posted soon. 

I would love your ideas of color combos