Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jungle animal vinyl

So I had a friend that saw some little animals that she wanted to put in her little boys room.  So I played around with the images that she got me and tried to fix some lines that came out weird and these are what I came up with.

And here is what her end results were.  She ended up changing her color scheme from her original plan, and they still worked for her.  I can't believe how much cuter these are finished!!  Thanks Stacey for the picture and the fun project to work on.
What do you guys think!!?

If you'd like different sizes let me know.  Maybe if you have pictures of something you need made up in vinyl.  I love to give it a go and see if we can get you what you picture in your home.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine's Subway art!

I know, I know, Subway art is by any means a new thing, but it's so popular right now and I do love the way it looks.  So I had to see what I could come up with on my own.
And I couldn't just do it one color.  I mean that would be too easy right.  So I went with 4 colors and pieced the other colors around the black ones. 

 Here's an up close view of it.  I totally meant to keep the back of the frame out, but after I was finished applying my vinyl to the glass, I realized that I didn't pay attention to how the frame kept it's glass in. Unfortunately the swivel hooks are on the backing with the stand and then swivel into groves built into the frame.  I might have to brake out my own little tab gun and make it work for me.  That way I can back in scrapbook paper, or even keep the paint color showing through!! You'll find that I love to put vinyl on glass, windows, and mirrors.  
10x16= multicolor to piece together=$20+ $5 s&h
10x16= one color=$15+ $5 s&h
8x10= multicolor to piece together $15+ $2.50 s&h
8x10= one color= $10+ $2.50 s&h

You can pick what colors you'd like.  Go here to see current available colors.
and email at to make and order and I'll send you a pay pal invoice!!

Now some of you may have noticed the other little item that I had in my picture.  My argyle Hugs&Kisses.  I actually made this about 2 years ago I think.  Yeah really sad cause it hasn't quite been finished, yet!!  I swear I'm going to do it.

You can see in the picture below that it's slightly poking out of the frame.  Well that frame already has a different saying on it, that I use in my kitchen decor most the year round, so I improvised and just set it inside for the picture

What do you think about the pink and purple version.  Again another one I need to frame.

Anyone out there wondering how I made these?  I could probably put together a tutorial..... and I did make these before I had a vinyl cutter, but now days with cricuts and silouettes, this would be cake!!  

Now I'm out to go to the dollar store to find a nice glass container and bright colored candies to sit on a shelf and help me soak in the Valentine's VIBE!! 

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