Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Adorable and Memorable Christmas Ornaments

So my friend had posted these on her blog and I had to repost her pictures and link to FILLMORE FUN for this fun craft project.
So here are the adorable ornaments that she pulled together that have pictures of her cute kids, their initial, Milestones from that year. These are Awesome!!

Here are some close up shots too.  She gives more detailed instructions on sizes of things on her blog.  But what a great way to pass on that info to your kids, who really care about when they hit all those milestone!!  I'm so impressed that she had the information and went back and did them for each of her kids.  

Thanks Lori, for letting me share!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dry erase Calendar

So my Sister-in-law (the awesome one behind the Creative Crate) had come up with a great frame remake.  Turning a frame into dry erase calendar.  She also decided that it would be a great Super Saturday project.  Don't you just love Super Saturdays...Right in time for Christmas gifts!!   And so inexpensive too.  BTW, I hope all of you realize how much work goes into those Super Saturdays. Anyways....

Well when she did hers originally, she drew on the back of the glass with a permanent marker and then cut out vinyl with her Cricut.
Well when she approached me to do the vinyl, I had a little easier idea for the grid too.  And see what she did with it!!  I LoVe IT!!

Here's a few up close pictures for you.
Don't you love that beautiful paper she put on the back.  You could change it for all the season to match your decor!! Or if like the idea of it just being the wall behind it, it always looks good that way too.

This is what the vinyl looks like, but it comes mirror image from this cause it's applied to the back of the glass so when you use the dry erase marker on the front side, you can wipe it off and don't have to worry about the vinyl moving!

Vinyl sizes
8x10= $6.50+$3 s+h
11x14=$9.00+$5 s+h
16x20=$17.00+$5 s+h
These sizes are based on the size of frame needed e.i the 8x10 vinyl will fit in a standard 8x10 frame on the glass.

I have black, choc. brown, brown, tan, cream, and white.  
If you'd like another color, I do have others, but these are the neutrals I have on hand.
Remember: Orders over $40.00 have free shipping. 

Anyone else think of ideas that could go along with this!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

You are a Princess..

When I heard this quote during General Conference this Fall, I kept thinking that I need to make a saying for my daughters room.  While I don't love the idea of planting the idea of being a princess to my own daughter...  (I know it's a popular theme for young girls, but I think society has defined a princess as someone who feels like they deserve things without working for them, and that isn't something I want to reinforce in my own household)
I do LOVE President Uchtdorf's idea of a princess though.  Something I think all of us girls need reminded of more often.

This can come in any size you need. It's a 2 part application, the first being the crown in color of choice (but I'd go light so you can really see the quote) and the second part with the quote.

Overall quote size  8.5 x 22.5 = 2 parts= $17+s&h

To order I need to know: 
         The color of the crown, 
         the color of the saying, and 
          the size you want it to fit in/ or how big you want it. 

I can always send you a pdf form with the area of the wall and then place the saying the size you want to you can visualize what size you'd like.  Send me an email or comment on the blog and I'll get back to you asap.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weathered clocks

So I had a nephew that got married this summer and I told him and his wife that I'd make them a clock.  So once they picked the colors they wanted the clock, I got with Andrea and had her help me pick out the fonts that she'd like to go on the clock.  I originally had a more fancy font, but Andrea liked it a little more simple.  So we found something that worked well with her personality!!

I think it turned out pretty well, and it makes me want to cut new vinyl for my first clock I made.   This clock is 24 inches round and the vinyl would be $28.00.  But I do have a few clocks already painted that I would sell for $65.00 + $10 shipping and handling.
1- painted as above
2- Black with a cream/light tan coloring for the weathered crackle that shows through. Would come with cream colored vinyl and clock hands.
Shoot me an email if you're interested and we can send pdf files back with examples and we can personalize these clocks to your personality!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Witch Silhouette

I know it's past Halloween, but it's one of my favorite of the year.  So I had to just quickly share my witch silhouette tin that I made (with a tutorial)! My tin is 18 inches round and the vinyl for this size would be $16.00!
Things you need:
Bottle cap tin.(OR for a cheaper alternative...I saw those tin covers for older electric ranges at the                dollar store.  They wouldn't have your cute ruffled edge or the hanger, but it would be MUCH cheaper.  I think I paid $12 dollars for the tin alone.)
Paper of desired color/pattern/texture (I used a 12x12)
Scissors or fancy circle cutter
Craft Paint to coordinate/match paper
Paint brush or foam brush
Mod Podge any finish
Vinyl- Let me know what size you need cause I can change the size without too much difficulty
Craft ink pad
Distressing ink pad

1. Take craft paint and brush on tin around the edge. (You can see below)  I chose only to do the edge, cause I was covering mine with the paper.  Let dry well before you put on the craft pad ink that is shown below.

2. I then marked the centers on my paper and measure 6 inches out to all the sides of my 12x12 and then just free handed the rest of the circle from those guides.  Then cut out with scissors.

Just wanted to show my pattern and the texture of what I picked.  Yellow-Orange with lighter yellow polka dots.  Cause I love Polka dots.
If you really want exactness with your circle then you can use a fancy circle cutter, which I have one, but I preferred the more rough look, since I decided to distress the finished project.

3. So after the craft pain has dried, then I took my craft ink pad and placed it on the edge of my tin and also on my paper edge

4.  After letting the craft ink dry for a little bit, I took my distressing ink and did the same on all the same surfaces, letting the orange ink remain a little thicker than the distressing ink.  (I suggest using an old distressing pad if you have one, cause you can get some of the craft ink on your distressing pad, but mine wiped of fairly well).

5. Then I took a tissue and then buffed the area, (Smeared the area) for a more uniform look and a less blunt look on the tin.  Then it looked more aged.

6. Then I took the dried tin and the foam brush and covered the entire tin front with Mod Podge.  (Now I'm fairly new to Mod Podge and I don't have the greatest tips on its usage, but I was told if you go thinner below the paper and thicker above then it has less bumps.  But I still had some small bumps, so I'm not sure the best application... Anyone help me here?)  
7.Then I put the paper on the Mod Podge and I'm thinking that I'll use my squeegee (for applying vinyl) to make sure the Mod Podge gets totally smoothed out next time. I also hear that if you let that layer totally dry before applying the top coat it helps.  I guess you could sit and watch and make sure your paper doesn't bubble til it's dry.
 8. Then apply another coat over the top of the paper and let dry.  I used a gloss Mod Podge, cause that's what I had on hand, but I think that if I had used a matte finish that the vinyl application would have been a little easier.  Let dry completely.
9. I then marked the center of the vinyl image as above using my acrylic see through ruler.   So I could make it centered.  I then made small marks on the outside of the tin at the 12, 3, 6, 9 o'clock and lined those up with my markings on the transfer paper. The ironic thing is.  I ended up putting it on upside down :( So then I took the opportunity to cut a new one with a thicker complete circle around it. Unlike the one below.  It was hard to keep that outside in the circle shape cause it didn't stick well.

10. then take off the transfer tape carefully to make sure the vinyl stays  where you want it.  Like I said it would be easier if you use matte finish.  It was kind of a slick surface.  Then spray with a clear cover to protect the paint on the sides from chipping off it you'd like.

The other reason I cut another one is cause the vinyl circle wasn't complete around it.  I didn't love it.  But I also took this picture so you can see the texture and the fine details of the finished project.

So the finished product with some of last years Halloween projects.  Hope you enjoyed this.  It was easy enough that I might have to come up with something for Thanksgiving and Christmas to do some more!!  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enjoy the Little Things

So my boss needed something for an auction for her daughter's school class.  She wanted to use a picture of her daughter's class in it to begin with.  
So I got to it and came up with a chunky picture frame with a cute little saying that works great for a childs picture, or even better a family picture frame.

And I kept it really neutral so it could fit in anyone's house.  Cause we want to get lots of bids!!  I can hardly wait to find out how it goes this weekend.
So the frame is 20 x22 wide with a metal hanger. (I love these!!)

I really had a hard time seeing this one leave, cause it looked so good on the wall.  I just hope that it raises LOTS of money for the auction.

***Update: So this picture ended up selling for $400.00.  Can you believe it.  I was so excited to hear it went over well!!***

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Super Saturday project!

So for one of my sister-in-law's Super Saturday, they came up with this way inexpensive idea, and she asked me to do the vinyl for it.

They took a plate, bought at a dollar store and placed this cute little saying.  The vinyl is $2.00 for it.  So for $3.00 A cute display plate.

I have lots of vinyl colors and if I don't have the one you want I'll order it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween and Spiders!

So I love to celebrate Halloween!  And I always get a creative juices flowing around this time to spruce up the house with festive item for the next few months.

In my new house I have a storm door that has a large glass window that was crying out to be decorated, so I created this to make it in season!! I placed it on the inside of my window to have more protection from the natural elements.
Just in case you can't see the top well in the above picture.

$35.00 - 20 x64 inch 

So this fits, my window of about 20 inches wide by 64 in length, but is totally versatile, because you can make the spider's spinner?(Is that what it's called) the length that you want.  The  spinner comes in 2 sections and you can always cut one or the other to make the length that you want.  It does require putting it up in pieces, which makes it easier to place, and also keeps the price down too.

If you have a different place you'd like to place it....I can resize and give you a quote before you order.  
Shipping is $5.00 since it'll need to come in a tube. But $5.00 for all shipping so order as much as you'd like.  

Email at   !

Monday, May 3, 2010

Laundry room make over!!

So depending on which languages you want, and how tall the lettering you want (I used 4 inch in the highest points for my lettering to the baseline)

English- Laundry=6 in x 18 in=108 sq in=$6.50
Norweigan= Vaskerom= 4 in x 18 in=72 sq in=$5.05
Swedish=Tvattstuga= 6 in x 20 in=120 sq in=$7.20
French=Baunderia= 4 in x 16 in= 64 sq in=$4.50
Dutch=Washok= 4 in x 16 in= 64 sq in= $4.50
German=Waschkuche= 4 in x 23 in= 92 sq in=$6.00
Italian=Lavandaria= 4 in x 21 in= 84 sq in= $5.45
Spanish=Lavadero= 4 in 18 in= 72 sq in=$5.05
Portuguese=Lavanderia= 4 in x 21 in= 84 sq in=$5.45
Leaf Separator graphic=3inx3in=$0.80

You'll notice that used a different font on each one.  If you'd like all the same font let me know, but I liked the change and look of it.  

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chalkboard Menu planner

So here's another project that my sister-in-law Stacie gave to me, but I'm not sure where she got it...  But I have a few left over from the craft fair. I know that she did them as a ward enrichment activity and they were a hit.  These chalkboard painted boards work great for planning out your menu for the week and then you don't have to hear the dreaded question every night, "Mom, What's for dinner?" Just wipe them off and start a new each week.

They are made from MDF and has a routered edge for a little nicer look.  They measure 10 inches wide to 30 inches in length.  Only $20 completed with piece of chalk, or if you'd like to paint your own board, then I can cut your vinyl for $15 if you want in all in 1 piece, (so you just have to center one item and everything is spaced appropriately.)  Or if you want to place each word independently of each other, then the price is $7.  I can also do a different font if you'd like. Cost for shipping is $10.00 unless you want to pick it up in SE Idaho.
Just email if your interested and I can send you an invoice via Paypal!!  Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BeAuTiFuL Tins!

So the Craft Fair at Beasley Colliseum was a hit!!  We sold tons, but I do have a few things left.  
Above is a Welcome tin, brown with cream writing.  Measures 8 inches tall by 22 inches long and the thickness that stands off the wall is about 1/3 inch.  Already has a wire on the back in place for hanging in your entry way!!  Cost is $20 plus $3 for shipping in the US.

This tin features the saying by Shakespeare...To Thine Own Self be TRUE.
It measures 10 inches tall by 24 inches and stand  off the wall about 1/3 inch.
This tin also has a wire in place and is ready to hang in your home.
This tin is $25 for $3 for shipping in the US.

If you're interested in either of me and I can send an invoice via paypal or we can do a personal check and will ship as soon as check is cleared.  Don't forget to given me your shipping information.

I also do custom orders.  Is there a saying that you'd like on a tin or board.  I can cut and ship it to you.  Or I can even paint and apply the vinyl of your choice and then ship it to you. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Dream Light box night light

Here are the Sweet Dream light boxes that I made. They are a 8X8 inch glass block, with a 35 white light, white strand of lights inside and covered in 2 inch ribbon.
They have 6 year outdoor strength vinyl on the front.  They make great night lights for newborn with all those mid night checks and feedings.

I'm made them to sale at the WSU Mom's weekend craft Fair and in my Etsy shop.  I'm interested in what colors are everyone favorite and which I should make more of.

Real Red vinyl with white and red damask printed ribbon
Black vinyl with white and black damask printed ribbon 

Pink vinyl with brown and pink damask printed ribbon
Here is a bright blue almost Turquoise in color with a sheer glitter ribbon to match.

This is the pink vinyl with the matching pink sheer glitter ribbon.

I also have a black sheer glittering ribbon with black vinyl to match.
I'll get a picture posted soon. 

I would love your ideas of color combos

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Day cupcakes

I know it's way past Valentine's day, but I had to show you the cute cupcakes that my mom and I made.
My mom was put in charge of doing a cupcake walk at a church Valentine's carnival.  So I was helping her decorate her cupcakes.  So I used a star tip from Wilton (pick one that works best for you, the smaller the less icing in an area, but more rosettes you'll have to do to cover the top of the cupcakes) and made small rosettes all over it.  Make sure you get your icing stiff enough that the ridges from the star tip remain in your icing.  Above you can see that this icing was a little softer than I would have liked, cause you don't have the stiff ridges.   You make rosettes, by starting at 6 on the clock, (so at the bottom) and then squeezing your bag with even pressure and then move the tip to 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock and then back to 6 o'clock and release the pressure slightly as you lift. Repeat to cover the entire top of the cupcake.  
We then covered them with cute sprinkles, while the icing is soft, cause it does harden with time.
Then we made the cute cupcake picks with Stampin' Up scalloped circle punch and the Love you Much Stampin Set, with Real Red and Basic Black ink pad, and Real Red and Pixie Pink Stampin' Write markers.  We found that we liked the black inked stamp image better and just backed them with another scalloped circle punched from Real Red card stock.  I just had some leftover red grosgrain ribbon from years ago and decided to add the bow to the toothpick that was placed between the 2 scalloped circles!!