Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enjoy the Little Things

So my boss needed something for an auction for her daughter's school class.  She wanted to use a picture of her daughter's class in it to begin with.  
So I got to it and came up with a chunky picture frame with a cute little saying that works great for a childs picture, or even better a family picture frame.

And I kept it really neutral so it could fit in anyone's house.  Cause we want to get lots of bids!!  I can hardly wait to find out how it goes this weekend.
So the frame is 20 x22 wide with a metal hanger. (I love these!!)

I really had a hard time seeing this one leave, cause it looked so good on the wall.  I just hope that it raises LOTS of money for the auction.

***Update: So this picture ended up selling for $400.00.  Can you believe it.  I was so excited to hear it went over well!!***

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