Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Witch is in

So life has been extremely busy lately.  Not only did we add a (2nd) baby girl to our family a little less than 4 months ago, but we're trying to sell our house and move a little bit north closer to my full-time job that I started a few weeks ago.
Crazy crazy decision going around our place.  But I did have a friend that is in charge of a Super Saturday for her ward and I've been able to play around with some more vinyl projects. And since I can get a little stressed out my husband probably thinks this saying is appropriate.
I wanted to start with this one since we're coming upon Halloween in no time flat.  And Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays.  So she found a cute witch silhouette that she loved and I recreated it with a few additions.
I also needed a gift for BUNCO night with the girls.  And so this is what I used "the witch is in" vinyl.

Really simple to do.  I had extra ceramic tiles at home.  So I chose to use one of those, and they are cheap when on sale.  I just Mod Podged the first 12x12 (cut to fit perfectly) down and let dry.  Then I centered the green 6x6 in scrap in the center and just covered it in Mod Podge and let dry.  And I just topped it off with the vinyl and smoothed.  Probably the fastest project I've done for a while

These two were completed by Lacey for her Super Saturday examples.  These are boards painted, let dry, and then apply the vinyl.  That witch silhouette is just itching for a glass cookie jar to hold all that trick-or-treating candy. 

Here are some prices for you
The Witch is In
      12x12= $6.00+$3.00 S+H
Witch silhouette
       8x8=$5.00+$2.50 S+H
You only have to pay shipping and handling once per order.  I can re-size and give you a quote and if you have a Super Saturday coming up I can cut you a deal for large orders.
This almost makes the cooler weather that's coming seem okay!!
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