Monday, January 10, 2011

Kitchen themed presents.

So my we had my sister-in-law for Christmas, and she had a few ideas of what she wanted, but they weren't very expensive items so we had to spice her Christmas gifts up a bit.  So we decided to go with a kitchen themed gift, since she asked for a vegetable steamer and a brownie spatula.  So here is the tea towel apron that I finally whipped up on the 23rd of December.  Nothing like procrastination huh!! But I made it have a little pocket, you can see the brownie spatula tucked in it.  It has adjustable ties so that it can be up as high to your chin as you'd like. ( I feel like lots of the aprons that I have are gaping around the neck and I have to tie up the neck strap and then I have a hard time getting my head out...I know I have a big head, 
or I just like to have my apron up higher than most!! :) ).

I also really like the look of these half length aprons that I found on 
A site that I totally love, even though I'm not a huge sewer, but she is creative and amazing at making her own patterns.
I love the ruffles, but I didn't buy enough of my accent material to do it. So this is what I had to do.  Also I'm one that doesn't usually get flour and stuff on my pants, but the batter or whatever is all over my shirt.  So I vote for the full length apron!

Another place to get an awesome & adorable apron...much cuter than the one above....

A great site to go for hand sewn items of all sorts, and they uses the cutest material prints I've ever seen.  Check them out!!

And to top off the kitchen theme, I had made up a few more Menu chalkboards since I had an order for a Christmas presents and used them all this season! But they aren't too hard to make...and you can totally make it anyway you want to.   

I had one customer ask for one that could fit under her cupboards in her kitchen

What do you think?  I know for a kitchen that has wall to wall cupboards that this could be a nice solution!!

for 10x30= $16.50 + $5 s+h
(for one full sized piece to apply)
If you don't want the dividers and want to assemble this in a few pieces than I can do it for cheaper.  Email me for any questions...

***Free shipping on all orders over $40.00 and only have to pay shipping fees once per order.***

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