Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Laundry list/Chore list

So again my friend Lori had an awesome idea that I got to work through for her in vinyl.  She gets (was asked nicely I'm sure) to teach some ladies at church some of her tricks to staying organized and this is what she came up with.  Here are 4 examples that I made for her to pick her favorite.  But I thought I give you all the same option....  So the first one is the one she picked.
Leaf Laundry list

I wanted to get Lori's full idea of how she intended to use it, so I was asking her.  At first I was a little confused cause I wasn't familiar with the "Laundry list" idea.  So she was teaching me that it's a term used for all the things that you have to get done.  She also thought about naming it a "Get 'er Done list", which I thought was so fun, and so fitting in our house.  So if you'd prefer it to say something else.  I can change that around too.  

Scroll Laundry list

Heart Laundry list

Ornate Laundry list

Now I thought I'd like more of a place to write goals and other things I'd like to get too, since I hate chores...(expecially the bathroom, please tell me that most others hate them too, ) I thought that I'd use it more the other directions, so I split them up in rows and changed it to a landscape orientation

$6 for the 8x10+$2 s+h
  $9.00 for 11x14 +$5 s+h
 $17.50 for 16x20 +$5 s+h

Again I need what color you want it?
 black choc brown, brown, cream, or white if you'd like.
What size you'd like? or if you need a special size?
And then I can send you a paypal invoice for the total.

I'm really excited to make one of these for myself cause I need more organization in my life!!

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