Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's that time of season again and I thought that I'd share this one again, since it's fitting and versatile.  I will give the first 5 people to order it this year $10.00 off their order... even if you want me to resize the width to fit something specific for you.

So I love to celebrate Halloween!  And I always get a creative juices flowing around this time to spruce up the house with festive item for the next few months.

In my new house (which happens to be for sale now, Anyone Anyone...) I have a storm door that has a large glass window that was crying out to be decorated, so I created this to make it in season!! I placed it on the inside of my window to have more protection from the natural elements.
Just in case you can't see the top well in the above picture.

$35.00 - 20 x64 inch 

So this fits, my window of about 20 inches wide by 64 in length, but is totally versatile, because you can make the spider's spinner?(Is that what it's called) the length that you want.  The  spinner comes in 2 sections and you can always cut one or the other to make the length that you want.  It does require putting it up in pieces, which makes it easier to place, and also keeps the price down too.

If you have a different place you'd like to place it....I can resize and give you a quote before you order.  
Shipping is $5.00 since it'll need to come in a tube. But $5.00 for all shipping so order as much as you'd like.  

Email at   daisydotdecor@gmail.com   !

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