Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Repost of the vinyl Calendar!

So I've had more and more emails asking me if these are still available.  So with the Super Saturday days coming up, I thought I better repost.  And if you have a big group doing these I can do a discount.  Just contact me!!

So my Sister-in-law (the awesome one behind the Creative Crate) had come up with a great frame remake.  Turning a frame into dry erase calendar.  She also decided that it would be a great Super Saturday project.  Don't you just love Super Saturdays...Right in time for Christmas gifts!!   And so inexpensive too.

Well when she did hers originally, she drew on the back of the glass with a permanent marker and then cut out vinyl with her Cricut.
Well when she approached me to do the vinyl, I had a little easier idea for the grid too.  And see what she did with it!!  I LoVe IT!!

Here's a few up close pictures for you.
Don't you love that beautiful paper she put on the back.  You could change it for all the season to match your decor!! Or if like the idea of it just being the wall behind it, it always looks good that way too.

This is what the vinyl looks like, but it comes mirror image from this cause it's applied to the back of the glass so when you use the dry erase marker on the front side, you can wipe it off and don't have to worry about the vinyl moving!

Vinyl sizes
8x10= $$9.00+$3.50 s+h
11x14=$9.00+$6 s+h
16x20=$17.00+$6 s+h
These sizes are based on the size of frame needed e.i the 8x10 vinyl will fit in a standard 8x10 frame on the glass.

I have black, choc. brown, brown, tan, cream, and white.  
If you'd like another color, I do have others, but these are the neutrals I have on hand.
Remember: Orders over $40.00 have free shipping. 

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  1. hey jess- so what else do you need besides the vinyl? just a frame with glass? so cute! i love the paper idea.

  2. Yep just a picture frame!! and cute paper that works best if its a small print

  3. Jess! I love it!! Soo cute! I want one. E-mail me or fb me to let me know what i need to do :)