Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Menu

So I thought maybe I'd get on the ball a little better and share my menu plan for this week.  Which means one of two things.....You get the plans, but no step by step instructions until after the fact.  I'll try to get some recipes up!!!
***WARNING:  It's a Our Best Bites week!!

Monday-  I'm trying this recipe.  I think it looks so yummy and I have to drive to IF tonight to prepare for work tomorrow morning.  So I needed something simple.  I'll have to let you know how simple they really are..
Tuesday- I'm working a 12 so Hubby gets to fend for himself!!
Wednesday-Stuffed Shells, from the Ronzoni box, with fancy french bread.  I'll get a tutorial for these.  Super easy main coarse and yummy idea you can do with french bread bought at the store although I'll be baking my own.
Thursday- Just trying to mix it up a little and hoping Spring is going to show up!!
So I'm trying a hamburger variation "Samburgers" from Best Bites again.
Friday-It's date night!!  We get to celebrate by going to Rodeo here in town, which just happens to be what we did on our first "blind" date over 5 years ago!!! Can you tell I'm WAY excited
Saturday- Best Bites it is again. Potstickers. or Asian wraps. or Leftovers.  We'll see how the prego lady is feeling by this point.  8 more weeks to go!

Crazy 3 new recipe trials this week, hope I can get you guys some good tips too!!
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