Friday, May 20, 2011

Children's table and chairs:Before and after

So here is a snap shot of our cute crazy haired child modernized farmhouse table from Shopko that I had such an interesting time getting home the first time.  You can read about that all HERE at my personal blog.  What a fiasco, but we've totally loved it.  Even though it fit with our dark stained cherry cabinets a little bit better than the knotty alder cabinets that we have in our current house we moved into about a year ago!!  Crazy how time flies.  

So you see that beautiful little table that K is sitting at.  It wasn't always that cute....I wish that I had a before picture, but my hubby is such a doer that I didn't get one.  You'll soon see that as a trend as I start posting all those before and afters that we've been up to lately.  I should train him to at least tell me before he starts the project!!  I can't complain though cause he's been a painting fiend lately, since I'm totally ready to pop about any day now and have another little girl join our family I haven't really got in on any of the painting.  So I really am just glad to have the hard work finished.  Thanks Hubby!!

Well that table came from a DI, that my awesome thrifty mother frequents at least once a week!! And man have we benefited from her finds... You'll see in the next few weeks of posts.

So where you see black legs...was once a bright cherry red color.  And that nice cherry topped table that matches our own dining room table was an oak color like the legs of the chair below.  This is the one toy piece that I've let stay in our great room.  That and the box that is on top of it in the the above picture that has her kitchen necessities and food set in them.  They are usually stored under the table.
She sits at this table so many times a day for coloring or playing.  It's been nice for her to have her own space.
One of these days when we finish the basement I'm sure they will live downstairs.  Oh that thought is lovely!!

But the only chair we had to go with it was one that my husband had growing up that had long legs.  So then enters in 2 chairs like the one above.  Another DI find from my Mom.  I'll show you that transformation in another post hopefully soon!!!

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