Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scalloped Circle and Initials!!

So I'm so excited to show you all this new addition to my vinyl collection.  This idea I got through my crafty sister-in-law at the Creative Crate, I know she saw this idea somewhere on the Internet..but I sure don't remember where.  Where Stacie was/is going to put hers is way cute because she has painted stripes on the wall.  But she hasn't put it up yet, cause they might be building soon and doesn't want to waste it.
But I knew that I'd end up putting it in my little girls room too when I saw it.  
So I'm sort of spoiling my future reveal of everything that we've done in this room by showing these pictures but I just couldn't resist!!

So it's a big circle, that is a toddler sized bed though.

Original scalloped circle #1

So I totally remade another scalloped circle to have less scallops cause I thought I'd like it bettter.
and I do!!  One of these days I'll have to cut Kherrington a new one

14 point scalloped circle #2

So these measure about 35.5 inches on the outside of the scallops and comes in 3 pieces. Two pieces for the scalloped circle to make it easier to apply and also one more piece for the initial

This is the font that I like most with it for the initials, but if you have a different font you'd like to see in an example I can send you a PDF via email.

At that size the 3 pieces are a total of $55 and since we're over $40 the shipping is free.  Let me know if you would like a smaller one and I can get you a quote!!

I know you're dying to put it somewhere...Where's it going to be.
Shoot me an email at and I'll need what colors you'd like the circle, the initial, and which initial you would like.
Here's a link to the colors I have on hand, but I'm willing to order others!!
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  1. This is really, really cute! I love the way it looks on the pink wall!

  2. I am looking for something like this lettering in vinyl with our names for a 12 x 12" box is this something you can do?