Friday, May 27, 2011

Toddler chairs: before and afters

So I totally teased you all with a picture of the chairs in my children's table makeover found HERE
And here is the end result, but for some reason I don't have a picture with both chairs, even thought they are exactly the same.  I just love that lacquered finish on the black.  Something we decided to do on the table legs and the chairs so they could with stand a little more beating that I'm sure is to come with more kids and playing.
Again my husband sanded the wood legs down and stained away.  We used an Ace Hardware brand stain in Walnut.  It's one I had on hand for lots of my other crafts.  Really walnut is my favorite shade of stain.  And when we lived in Pullman, WA, there really wasn't many other option besides our local ACE to buy things like that.
  We were a little worried about the white almost laminate covered seat and back, but with a light sanding and some black gloss paint (which we inherited from my mom again, since they were done with it and we had just about 5 more projects to paint black) took just fine.  It was then finished off with a few coats of that beautiful high gloss lacquer.  Thanks again Hubby for all the hard work.  Kherrington loves having chairs that she can get off and on all by herself and not tipping over while she's sitting at the table!!
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