Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Week long menu plan

So I've been a really slacker at sharing my menu plans for the week.  I have to admit that I didn't do a plan one week and chaos came back into my house!! I love having a menu, or even a list of ideas to pick from. I usually only come up with 6 ideas cause we'll eat leftovers or go on a date night at least once a week

I thought I'd share my first week that I thought came together great and I tried 2-3 new recipes that week.  Loved 2 of them and liked the 3rd.

Monday-Chicken Milano a made up recipe trying to knock off the Johnny Carino's Italian Restaurant (it's a work in progress, but it's getting closer, eventually I'll share a recipe) and Light whole wheat baguette from Here
Tuesday-7-Up chicken- It's a dutch oven recipe adapted for the oven. Recipe with pictures to follow shortly.  Eventually I get a link posted.
Wednesday-Black bean pizza from Here (using the same dough I made on Monday night) I did a few changes like no corn since my hubby doesn't like corn, but we enjoyed it for a change.
Thursday-Chicken Rosemary BLTs- Toasted hoagie buns with grilled/sauteed chicken with a little Rosemary, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and Ranch.  Just thrown together for a tasty warm sandwich 
Friday- leftovers
Sat/Sun-Tyler Florence's shrimp scampi from Food Network (with a few tweaks, I may still do a few more next time though) and bread sticks (In reality we liked the baguettes from Monday that I didn't go the mess of going smaller with bread sticks.  Again using the same dough I made on Monday.  Had my parent's and my brother over for dinner and we loved it!!

I hope this makes some one's week of cooking less hectic.  I know I'm in love with that baguette dough!!  I love that you can just keep it in the fridge all week!!

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