Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday week menu #2

I feel like I'm becoming a cooking blog...Not that this is my intention, but between work and my family this is about all I've been doing lately. But I'll be posting quite a few recipes in the next week.

Monday- Lasagna/breadsticks Green salad with Olive garden dressing HMMM.

My mom's recipe. Not anything overly different than most Lasgna recipes I've seen...But we bought a bottle of Olive garden's Italian dressing and did a knock of salad!! It was yummy.

Tuesday- Washington Pork chops over rice with Mixed veggies

Got this recipe from my friend Amy. It made a very moist Pork chop with the perfect blend with apples and cinnamon(for those of you that love the pork chops and apple combo). I'll have to share this recipe someime soon. I do have it in a Word doc if anyone want a copy. I'll have to take pictures the next time I make it.

Wednesday- Country fried chicken, gravy, Mashed potatoes, and spinach salad.

Used this Recipe for the marinade and coating. Did a double dip as a few of the comments suggested and then I pan fried my thin pounded chicken breast in just a few Tbsp of olive oil. I also used This gravy packet (old fashioned Peppered gravy mix) that I got at my local Eddy's bread store, wonderful on mashed potatoes. Added my favorite Strawberry spinach salad to round it off. (This mini recipe will come this week) Not necessarily low-fat meal, but what comfort food!!


Friday- Ham Fried rice and Thai won tons from my friend Tiffany's cooking blog.

Just your typical fried rice with pre cooked rice added with cut up ham, scrambled eggs, minced green onion, and soy sauce to taste. Then with the Won Tons, I used freshly ground coriander and I think I would go lighter on it by my taste, but it was all yummy!! Will make again.

Saturday-Chicken, Broccoli, and cheese soup- 
Recipe with lots of pictures to follow this week!! Can be adapted to make a topping for baked potatoes!!

Man I'm seeing how many fried food we had this week.  Man I enjoyed them all though!! I was just using what items I had in my fridge from my bountiful basket that I needed to use up when I made up the menu.

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